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A continuance abundance of immense wealth, success, money and prosperity flows throughout my entire life and being at every single moment!

From You To You


It is my divine right as a human being to be showered with luxurious wealth, riches and magnificent success!

From You To You

I AM Consciousness, I AM Awareness, I AM Mind, I AM Incite, I AM Illumination, I AM Enlightenment, I AM Heaven, I AM Unlimited, I AM Harmony, I AM Prosperous, I AM A Magnet, I AM Gifted, I AM Responsible, I AM Vitality, I AM Radiant Substance, I AM Divinity, I AM Light, I AM The Way, I AM Everything, I AM Alive, I AM Calm, I AM Relax,


I truly deserve success and prosperity, and it’s my destiny to be wealthy, I absolutely deserve it!


I easily attract success and overflowing wealth in a completely effortless way, I accept and believe it!


My thoughts remain open, flexible and saturated with new ideas for attracting wealth and infinite prosperity into my life!

Affirmations For Success: Repeat one or all affirmations 30 times a day for 30 days straight! Then watch your life change before your eyes!


My mind, body and soul accept great wealth, infinite riches and fantastic success into my life because I know and truly accept that I AM worth it in every way!

I AM Divinely Guided, I AM Pure, I AM Noble, I AM Allowing, I AM Creative, I AM Blessed, I AM Worthy, I AM Blissful, I AM Beautiful, I AM Grace, I AM Focused, I AM Kindness, I AM Imagination, I AM Inspired, I AM Thin, I AM Vibration, I AM THE Universe, I AM Master Of My Destiny, I AM What I Desire TO Be 

David Allen


My mind unlocks the key to success allowing me to attract eternal wealth and riches into my life forever!

The Power Of I AM 

I AM Love, I AM Wealth, I AM Health, I AM Spirit, I AM Power, I AM Abundance, I AM Plenty, I AM Divine Substance, I AM Strength, I AM Beauty, I AM Life, I AM Color, I AM Thankful, I AM Divine Mind, I AM Energy, I AM God, I AM Happy, I AM Fun, I AM Law, I AM Opened-Minded, I AM Young, I AM Strong, I AM Wise, I AM Wonderful, I AM Positive,

I AM Determined, I AM Motivated, I AM Persistent, I AM Upbeat, I AM Confident, I AM Thoughtful, I AM Tolerant, I AM Integrity, I AM Confidence, I AM Divine Energy, I AM Success, I AM Intelligence, I AM Truth, I AM Good, I AM THAT I AM, I AM Mind, I AM Joy, I AM One With God, I AM Perfect, I AM Peace, I AM Whole, I AM Grateful, I AM Secure, I AM Free,


Everything I touch turns to precious gold, bringing me great wealth and eternal prosperity!


I AM a magnet for success, money and prosperity blessing me with infinite riches!